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Chemperfect Endnotes Counter/Manager


{IMAGE - Endnote.wcmThis macro in an front-end to the original WordPerfect EndNote tool. Using this you can manage endnote numbers in your document. NOTE: To use this macro correctly read the WordPerfect manual/help for more information on Foot/Endnotes.


Using this macro you can add and/or delete endnotes freely, in any order. WordPerfect will increase or decrease counters of them for you, so you will get a document with proper and logically numbered references/notes.

NOTE: Read the WordPerfect manual/help for more information on Endnotes/footnotes. Play with the WordPerfect Endnote feature to learn how it works. Be sure that this macro is in "alpha stage" of functionality. At this moment @endnote.wcm macro offers only one counter level (i.e. letters in endnote counters such as 1a, 2a,b are not increased or decreased automatically.


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