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Chemperfect Compounds Counter/Manager


{IMAGE - Compds.wcm}Using a WordPerfect feature called "Counters" you can count or number anything in your document. This macro helps you to count your compounds and display its numbers anywhere in your document. NOTE: To use this macro correctly read the WordPerfect manual/help for more information on Counters.

Click here to see a screenshot:
Compounds macro in WordPerfect for Linux
Compounds macro in WordPerfect for Windows


Using this macro you can add and/or delete compounds freely, in any order. WordPerfect will increase or decrease counters for you, so you will get a document with proper and logically numbered compounds.

NOTE: Read the WordPerfect manual/help for more information on Counters. Play with the WordPerfect Counter feature to learn how it works. Be sure that this macro is in "alpha stage" of functionality. At this moment @compounds.wcm macro offers only one counter level (i.e. letters in counters such as 1a, 2a,b are not increased or decreased automatically.


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